NewsMeeting Oficina Arkenova

A new year has just begun and on these dates it is interesting to make balance sheets. Looking back, 2017 has been a very varied year and there have been moments of every kind. Now that we have published a new website, we are aware of the set of completed projects and those we have implemented, of the new collaborations that have been started and the expansion of our services.
We continue taking thoughtful steps to consolidate a trajectory of almost 10 years, with a line forged in the values ​​of cooperativism, respect and environmental awareness promoting the use of clean and sustainable energies. Our way of understanding the sector is not limited to design or project from these parameters strictly, but we defend with eagerness to help customers find the best possible solutions. Of course not everything is calculable and during this year we have also weathered setbacks, trying to maintain prudence and always thinking about the mutual benefit, that of our clients and projects and that of a united work team that cooperates and helps each other. There is no team without a shared goal.